Who We Are

Who We Are

SFJN is the only organization specialised on feminist media that works with Syrian journalists and media institutions on gender-sensitive reporting. It advocates for the rights of women media workers and human rights defenders. Our organization consists of individuals who are committed to social justice. We approach discrimination, injustice and inequality in the MENA region with a special focus on Syrian media through advocacy, capacity building, policy analysis, research, safety and protection mechanisms. Our team consists of critical thinkers, activists, advocates and problem solvers with an intersectional feminist outlook, strong analytical, social and communication skills from a range of backgrounds, identities and perspectives. Above all, we are an organization that dares to dream, an organization with a vision to change the image of women in the media and foster a media discourse that is feminist and critical to achieve gender justice and social change.


We see a bridge that connects the media with the women and feminist movement in the MENA region; the bridge also connects the media with its workers. We see that the realities of both groups have been enhanced no matter their culture, creed, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ability, race, socio-economic status or any other form of diversity. We see the voices of women journalists amplified, they have been placed in leading positions in their institutions and the media is raising awareness about gender equality and women’s issues in particular. We see that the bridge connecting the media, its workers, the women and feminist movement has created a multi-layered, multi-faceted society, free of stereotypes, exclusionary politics, discriminatory laws, patriarchal culture. We see a society that is critical and feminist, fair to all its citizens, committed to a positive social change in thinking and behaviour with respect to matters surrounding social justice and equality. We see a media sector that is united, that does not adhere to frontiers, that surpasses borders, moves beyond categories and rejects identity politics. It is characterized by solidarity, an intersectional feminist outlook, accessible to all. Its discourse is comprehensive, it dismantles gender inequalities and biased representations, it strengthens critical thinking, it amplifies voices and emphasizes multiple experiences. It is sensitive towards raising awareness on social justice and human rights. This is the image we see at SFJN, this is our vision, a vision to which all media outlets are committed.


  • Feminist: Our feminism is intersectional and all inclusive, meaning displaced, immigrant and refugee inclusive, disabled inclusive, age inclusive, Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) inclusive, LGBTQI+ inclusive, non-binary inclusive, gender-fluid inclusive, sex worker inclusive, fat inclusive.
  • Intersectional: We recognize that all forms of injustice are interconnected and must be tackled simultaneously. An intersectional approach identifies systemic barriers and allows the implementation of policies and laws which are genuinely inclusive.
  • Transnational: We operate across national boundaries and enter into solidarity beyond borders. Forms of injustice are a global phenomenon and the system that is causing them is an overarching one. We advocate for dialogue, learning from each other and transnational coalition building to achieve social justice and gender equality.
  • Transformative: We are committed to making long-lasting and tangible changes in non-normative people and women’s lives in particular by addressing the root cause of gender inequality.
  • Environmental justice: We are against oppositional and hierarchical thinking, i.e. nature versus culture; mind versus body and believe in the interdependence of all species. Gender justice is inextricably linked to the liberation of the environment from human destruction and people from different ethnicities, races, socio- economic background and other forms of diversity must not experience different qualities of air, water and life. We believe in the struggle for a healthy environment for all.