She Refused To Marry An Isis Member, And The Group Executed Her

The story of Manbij’s daughter who was stoned to death

Ahmed Damlakhi – ِASO Network

A house in Manbij city is not without a painful story and circumstances that resulted in the death of a person, including “retribution” or harm to the family, by ISIS, which ruled the city for years, and the abuse is either by killing, kidnapping, arrest, or torture in various forms.
ISIS had taken control of the city of Manbij in 2014, and the city was liberated by the SDF and the international coalition from ISIS in February 2016.
ISIS ruled the city of Manbij for years, and it was effectively the capital that the organization adopted to broadcast its ideas in the media, and this is what became evident with the liberation of Manbij, from finding the use of the market bath as a media broadcasting headquarters, and violations by ISIS against civilians, at all levels, occurred, and women had the largest share of Violence and persecution. Many of the women who were subjected to torture by the organization, especially at the hands of the Hisbah group affiliated with ISIS, and others who lost their lives under false pretenses and charges, including Mrs. “SAR” (we hid the name at the request of the family) who lost her life after issuing a verdict “Stoning to death” against her by ISIS, according to her family.

The Aso News Network correspondent met with the victim’s brother, to tell the details of the crime committed against his sister, the crime that shook the city of Manbij for days, and it still echoes in the ears of those who were present during the “retribution”.

(SAR) are the initials of the name of the 25-year-old victim, who was married to a doctor in the city of Manbij, and after the organization’s repeated harassment of her husband, he decided to leave in order to secure a safe life for him and his family in another place but without his wife, far from the circumstances. The cruelty experienced by the people in the presence of the organization, where the girl who killed the second wife of the doctor and stayed in the city to go with him, then began her suffering with ISIS, which began to frequent her house in an attempt to rob her of it under the pretext that its owner lived in areas described by the organization in areas “Blasphemy”, but the frequency of exposure to the girl increased, and she had hidden the girl from her family that one of the organization’s members asked her to marry her, and as a result of her repeated refusal of his request, the frequency of his harassment increased.

Her brother says that, “On November 9, 2015, my sister went to a real estate office in order to put an amount of money with its owner, in order to get monthly profits from him, and while she was in the office, the ISIS operatives accompanied a neighbor of the girl who was an ISIS ideologist, and then harassed the girl. She was arrested, taken to a women’s prison, and then tried in a court affiliated with the organization. The court was prepared at the “Zaidan Hanizl” school at the time. Thus, the brother of the victim recalled the case.

The brother was not far from the organization’s violations. As a result of the organization’s harassment, he was forced to leave Manbij for Damascus with his family, after a member of the organization with a foreign nationality asked to marry his daughter, and during a three-day arduous journey, he was able to leave the city and reach Damascus, obligated as he says Ali left his sister in Manbij, and he says: “My sister stayed in prison for three months, it was one of the most difficult days we lived. We tried by various means to get her out, but the truth at the time is that the smallest member of the organization can issue a death sentence against many of the city’s residents without anyone being able to Deterrent and unlawfully. ”
When the brother spoke to the Aso News Network and the Syrian Female Journalists Network, about the moment of his sister’s punishment, his tears stopped in his gaze, and the tone of his voice changed, as he tries to hide the sadness for his sister inside him, then he said, “On 11/15/2015, I received a call from one of my friends offering condolences With the death of my sister, I could not understand the matter at the beginning. All I did was that I listened to the details of her death and my tears filled my cheek. My friend was forced to attend the “retribution” operation against my sister due to the proximity of his place to the execution scene. ”
ISIS used to take from a well-known square in the city of Manbij to carry out executions, and prepared a hole in the place to stone civilians.
The family did not know about the death of their daughter, except after the execution against her. Her brother says, “My family living in Manbij did not know about the execution of the sentence. They called my brother after the execution of the sentence to come and collect her body and bury it. My visit to her grave was the first thing I did after returning to Medina a year after its liberation, Words did not help me to describe what I felt at the time. I wished for the arrest of that criminal who fled, and the latest news about him is that he is in Turkey with his brother. ”
Many ISIS operatives and ISIS members fled Manbij, as a result of their actions that amounted to harm to civilians, and many of them live in Turkey without trial.

The crime committed against the girl (S.R.) is one of the terrifying stories that the people of the areas that have come under the rule of ISIS have lived through, but it is not the only one, as the dozens of stories hidden in the secrets of homes constitute a violation of the right of civilians, many stories are still hidden in the hearts of their owners Devoured by fear and sadness, she is waiting to come to light to convey the suffering they have lived through to the whole world.

We went later to a person from the city’s residents, who said that he was forcibly present in the process of “retribution” against the girl (SR). He did not want to reveal his identity, so he says what he saw. “I was in the market that day to buy some of the things for the house, while I was waiting for a car Internal transportation, we were surprised by the arrival of a number of ISIS security masked men, armed with weapons and shouting, saying: (On the scene, O Sheikh (a word used by ISIS indicates religiosity), to testify to the ruling of retribution), the word of retribution has terrified my whole body, all my attempts to escape have failed. ”
When carrying out the executions, ISIS used to compel the people to attend and watch, as it surrounded the square and surrounding points to compel the people to watch with two goals: the first in order to spread terror in everyone’s hearts, and the second so that there would be propaganda for the organization’s crime.
The witness says that during the execution of (SR), a number of civilian families gathered in front of the square to execute the verdict, and watched the stoning of a woman to death after an accusation was charged against her, “A few steps away from a group of ISIS operatives, a completely covered woman was in a small hole. Its lower section was filled in so that it could not move. It was a few seconds before us finished reading the statement and starting the implementation of the judgment. It was as if years had passed.
The simplest things could lead civilians to the execution scene, for example, a girl’s refusal to marry an ISIS operative who was sufficient to kill her.

The witness says the process of stoning the girl began with the end of the statement. The majority closed their eyes and started throwing stones to do the stoning, and everyone was obliged to throw her. Three rooms were enough for the girl to remain silent forever, according to the description of the witness, who says that it was not the only moment of terror, “when the sound of screaming disappeared The girl, I opened my eyes to receive a new shock when a person with a red beard and disheveled hair stopped over her head, holding a brick that had hit the victim’s head, and we only heard the echo of bricks hitting her head.

The witness was unable to sleep for a week after the murder had passed, and that scene was sufficient to think of starting to leave the city, and indeed he left and did not return until after the liberation of the city.
Hundreds of stories and stories that women have lived through from the injustice of ISIS against them, stories that do not end, but researching them documents the most horrific crimes that happened against civilians in the era of ISIS.