Rula Asad

Co-founder and the Executive Director

I am a feminist journalist, researcher, media trainer on critical discourse analysis from a feminist perspective, and human rights defender.







Rand Sabbagh

Deputy Director

I am a radical feminist journalist from Syria working in media since 2005. I am interested in the intersections of feminist discourse, women empowerment, social justice and media







Ana Lomtatidze

Senior Finance Officer

I am a Georgian woman with more than ten years of experience in the finance and accounting field, currently finalizing a Master in Finance and Control







Roula Othman

GR Programme Coordinator

I am a feminist journalist, human rights defender, researcher, and specialist in critical discourse analysis from a feminist perspective








Hayma Alyousfi

WPS Programme Coordinator

I’m a Syrian intersectional feminist and human rights activist. I hold an MA in Risk and Security from Durham University- UK and have been working in the sector of civil society since 2012.







Nada Al Jendi

The Protection Program Coordinator

I am a specialist in protection and gender-based violence (GBV) programming and intervention, feminist fine artist, human rights defender, and advocate for refugees and immigrants’ rights.






Lama Rageh

GR Program Officer

I am from Syria, I work as an independent journalist, I have a master’s degree in media, I believe in feminism, and the importance of  integrating gender into press coverage,  member of the Gender Radar team






Hiba Mehrez

GR Program Officer

I’m a feminist Journalist, writer, theatre maker and researcher that focuses on the culture and media sector








Rasha Al-Naddaf

WPS Project Assistant

I am a nonviolent feminist activist, human rights defender, studying a master’s degree in the culture of nonviolence and human rights