Rula Asad

Executive Director

Rula is the co-founder and executive director of the Syrian Female Journalists Network (SFJN). Born in Damascus in 1983, she holds a BA in journalism from Damascus University. She is a freelance journalist and reporter covering women and human rights. She also reports on the issues faced by the Syrian Civil Society in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. She was among others a correspondent for German Deutsche Welle (DW) and for Dutch Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) in addition to a number of Europeans newspapers, magazines and websites. Rula is also an experienced researcher and trainer focusing on women’s rights, gender equality in the media as well development in the MENA region. Rula has been living in the Netherlands since 2012.

Milia Eidmouni

Regional Director

Milia is the co-founder and regional director of the Syrian Female Journalists Network (SFJN). She is a freelance journalist and trainer in new media in relation to social change. Born in Homs in 1984, she holds a BA in journalism and philosophy from Damascus University, Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences. Following her graduation, Milia worked as an online journalist until she moved to Amman-Jordan in 2012. Milia is an expert in advocacy campaigns on women’s rights, media and social justice.





Oula Sheikh Haidar

Graphic Designer Regional Director

Oula is a Syrian artist and graphic designer. She has a degree in sculpture from Damascus University- Faculty of Fine Arts. She taught painting and drawing to children, she was also an illustrator and cartoonist and a graphic designer. In 2013 she moved to Lebanon where in parallel to being a graphic designer, she worked as a communication manager for a Syrian relief organization. In 2014 she attended several training including one on gender and media which was an opportunity for her to meet SFJN team which she joined later as a member but also as a graphic designer.




Racha Faek

Author of SFJN Guidebook on “Covering Women, Peace and Security Issues”

Racha authored SFJN guide book on “Covering Women, Peace and Security Issues” funded by the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom”. She is a Syrian journalist who holds a BA in English Literature another one in journalism and a third BA in Theatre Studies from Damascus University. Racha has more than 10 years’ experience in business journalism. She also reported on youth, culture and arts topics. She is currently the managing editor of online magazine AL Fanar which covers university and higher education issues in the Arab world.

Bushra Al Dakheel

Local Security Coordinator

Bushra holds an MA in Business Management from Damascus University and a degree in Finance and Banking from the Commission for International Planning and Cooperation in Damascus. She worked in several private companies and civil society organizations in the finance and HR departments. Bushra is a human resources, emotional intelligence and communications trainer. She is a founding member of the Syrian Woman Network.



Ana Lomtatidze

Finance Officer

Ana is Georgian born in Moscow, Russia in 1987. She holds a BA in Business Administration from Tbilisi State University and a degree in accounting from ACCA-Georgia. Ana has more than 8 years of professional experience in finance and accounting field. She worked for several advertising, insurance companies in Georgia as an accountant and in the management department. She joined the Syrian Female Journalists Network, shortly after having moved to the Netherlands in 2016.


Maissa Al Mahmoud


Maissa is a freelance journalist with a BA in Arabic Literature from Aleppo University. Maissa reports on the war and on the daily life of people in Northern Syria with a focus on women with regards to education, migration, health and such. She a member and a trainer with SFJN inside Syria. She received Geroun award on the occasion of International’s Women Day.



Vyan Mohammed


Vyan is a freelance online journalist. She holds a degree in journalism from Damascus University (Open Learning Section). Vyan is a member and a gender trainer with SFJN and with other organizations.






Rahada Abdosh

Legal Advisor

Rahada is SFJN legal advisor. Born in Damascus in 1972, she holds a degree in Law. Rahada is a lawyer, a legal adviser but also a journalist with more than 24 years of experience in administrative and legal affairs whereas she focuses on women and children rights.





Hiba Ahmad

Project Officer

Hiba works as a Project Officer. She holds an MA degree in English Literature from the University of Jordan, Faculty of Foreign Languages. She lived in Jordan for five years and worked there in several humanitarian organizations. Hiba is interested in gender studies and women’s rights. She moved to Turkey during 2018.



Lama Rajeh

“Gender Radar” researcher and trainer

Lama is SFJN “Gender Radar” researcher and trainer. Born in Syria in 1986, she holds a BA in Journalism and Media from Damascus University and an MA in Media from Beirut Arab University in Lebanon. In addition to working on “Gender Radar” project which is about critical media discourse analysis, Lama also collaborates with SFJN on several feminist activities. She is currently a communication’s manager with a feminist NGO. She has an interest and she is active in human rights and women’s one in particular.


Lenda Belal

Podcasts + Radio Programs Producer

Lenda is SFJN’s Podcasts and Radio Programs Producer. She obtained a BA in Journalism and Media from Damascus University in 2009. In addition to her work with SFJN, Lenda is a freelance journalist and a radio host and producer focusing on investigative journalism, features and such.





Kattie Al Hayek

“Gender and Sexuality” Project Editor

Kattie is SFJN “Gender and Sexuality” project editor. She obtained a BA in Journalism from Damascus University in 2008. She also holds an MA in International Affairs and Media Studies from Ohio University in the United States as well a graduate a graduate certificate in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from the same institution. Currently, she is a PhD candidate in Communication at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in the US as well. Kattie is also a former Open Society Foundations fellow. Kattie is a scholar and researcher whereas her research interests broadly focus on gender, conflict, activism, social change, media and new technologies. She has more than 10 years of professional experience working for Syrian and international organizations dedicated to human rights, media and gender issues.

Ru’aa Al Taweel

“Gender Radar” Project Advisor

Ru’aa is SFJN “Gender Radar” project advisor. Born in Homs in 1988, she holds an MA in “Feminist and Gender Studies” from the universities of Łódź in Poland and Hull in the UK. Ru’aa is also a women and youth empowerment training facilitator, a researcher and a policies and strategies developer with about 10 years of professional and voluntary experience in development and humanitarian fields working with local and displaced communities in many countries such as Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Egypt, Bulgary, Poland, the UK and Turkey. Ru’aa has a keen interest in feminist and gender as well as in forced migration and in critical discourse analysis.